Welcome to Digital South Yorkshire (d-SY)

…to Digital South Yorkshire (d-SY)
the network and support organisation for the Creative and Digital Industries in South Yorkshire.

Promoting Growth: Supporting Success

Digital South Yorkshire (d-SY) is the network and specialist support organisation for creative and digital businesses in the South Yorkshire region. The d-SY will mean a move away from traditional development programmes to a system that is vocationally driven, concentrating on role specific competencies which will take individuals through selection, development, assessment and then confirmation in position.

d-SY is designed to be fair, transparent and transferable across the UK Fire Service and beyond and has Vocational Qualifications built in that acknowledge competence in the various business roles.

This website forms part of the d-SY communications strategy d and will constantly be updated to provide up to date information on the collaborative approach being undertaken by all within our sector.

What do we mean by ‘creative and digital’ industries?

This is a rapidly changing sector and hard to define, but the common
factor is products and markets underpinned by use of digital technology.

Businesses that fall into this category include:

  • Animation and 3D development
  • Computer systems supply
  • e-Business solutions
  • e-Learning solutions
  • Film and video production
  • Internet solutions
  • IT Services
  • Marketing and design agencies
  • Mobile communications
  • Networking
  • Post-production services for film and video
  • Printing and publishing
  • Software engineering and development
  • Systems integration
  • Web design
  • Web marketing

d-SY already has members from all of these sectors but is now recruiting new members rapidly after launch in March 2016: > Benefits of membership include Access to solicitors and accountants see membership services. Interested in advertising merchandise then please see our latest member, P81 Gift Ltd's selection

d-SY Associates Questionnaire

Thanks to all those who completed the questionnaire. This has now been analysed and results will be presented to the next Associates meeting on Friday 3 November - see future events for further details.