Digital South Yorkshire (d-SY) Objectives

The digital age has spawned many new products and services which have helped improve communication for both individuals and businesses. Itís hard to conceive how the mobile phone has developed from a communication device to what is basically a handheld computer seen today. There are also mobile services where a geographical based number can be diverted to either a landline or a mobile, making it easy for businesses to appear as though they have a local presence in virtually any location.

creative agencyd-SY has been set up to act as a champion for the Creative and Digital Industries (CDI) cluster in South Yorkshire and to help drive economic growth in the cluster. Objectives are to:

  • Provide a focal point for networking activities for CDI businesses
  • Support innovation and best practice
  • Build on South Yorkshire’s existing strengths in digital arts and entertainment, e-learning and e-business
  • Improving analyst engagement to grow your sales pipeline
  • Promote the sector effectively at regional, national and international levels
  • Engage industry leaders in South Yorkshire CDI sector development
  • Work with public and private sector partners in helping to steer high-impact growth initiatives
  • SEO Course and Structure in Guildford
  • Facilitate strategic collaboration and joined-up working across the sector
  • To find out more about the CDI cluster
  • Euro Centres
  • Dial Industry, leader in Online Electrical Directory
  • Evoluted Online Hosting and Internet Presence have also been approached

digital age